Pet Sitting Services

Companion Synergy offers in-home pet sitting services for all your pets. In-home pet sitting consists of daily visits (as many as you prefer) to check on your pets, provide food and water, clean up any pet-related accidents, and provide interaction, exercise, and TLC. Pet-sitting services also include mail/newspaper retrieval, litter box scooping, spot-cleaning of small animal and/or exotics cages*, and alternating lights.

Companion Synergy currently serves the Salem and Beverly, MA areas. Overnight pet sitting and pet sitting outside our normal service area is available on a limited basis.
Please contact us for details.

Why should you choose in-home pet care?

In-home pet sitting offers many benefits, including:
- Your pet is cared for in a familiar, comfortable, environment --their own home! Some pets can become overly stressed by a change in environment while their owners are away. In-home pet sitting is especially important for cats, caged pets with specialized care requirements, and senior pets who may require special care or be particularly stressed by being away from home.

- Pet sitting saves you the time and inconvenience of having to transport your dog to a kennel or vet's office.

- Your pets will receive individual attention, and fully customizable care.

- The risk of exposure to contagious illness is greatly reduced by hiring a pet sitter.

- Hiring a pet sitter provides you with the security of knowing that your pets are under the care of a knowledgeable, experienced, pet care professional, who is only a phone call away.

- Pet sitting provides the added benefit of crime deterrence, by making your home appear "lived in" while you are away.

- Includes a daily record of your pet's behavior and activity while you were gone.

*Full cleaning of cages is available for an additional charge.

Liz Jacques