Other Services

Day Training

No time to train your dog? Companion Synergy will train your dog during the day while you are at work! Day training services include training of basic manners, such as loose-leash walking, sit, lay down, stay, and recall (come when called). Training is available hourly or in packages of three or six one-hour sessions. Following the allotted sessions, we will meet with you to discuss what your dog has learned, and teach you how to maintain your dog's new manners!
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Puppy Care Program

Raising a puppy can be difficult enough, but when you work away from home, it becomes even more so. Companion Synergy helps you through your puppy's early months with our Puppy Care Program. The program includes multiple visits during the day for potty breaks to help with house training. During walks, we will use clicker training to help socialize your puppy to new places, people, experiences, noises, and other animals.
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Liz Jacques