About Companion Synergy

“To develop this mind state of compassion…is to learn to live, as the Buddha put it, with sympathy for all living beings, without exception.” — His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Mission Statement

At Companion Synergy, we strive to become a trusted partner in your pet’s care, training, socialization, and overall well-being. We use a holistic and positive approach, with a focus on reliable, knowledgeable, humane, and compassionate care of all companions and their humans.

About Us

Companion Synergy is an all-inclusive, customizable, pet-friendly pet care service located on the North Shore of Massachusetts, with a unique focus on the care of pets with special behavioral and physical needs. We offer services to assist you with almost any aspect of your pet’s care, including in-home and overnight pet sitting, dog walking, dog playgroups, pet training services, and help with your puppy’s upbringing, including house training and puppy socialization. We work with all animals using scientifically proven concepts of positive reinforcement and clicker training.

We work in association with WiggleBums! Dog-friendly Training and Behavior Consulting, and our background in clicker training allows us to help your pet maintain desirable behavior patterns while in our care. In addition, our experience enables us to care for pets with behavior problems, such as fearfulness, reactivity, and separation anxiety. We are experienced with feeding/handling raw and homemade diets, and in administering basic medications to your pets.

All employees of Companion Synergy are background-checked and thoroughly trained in all aspects of pet care including pet sitting, dog walking, clicker training, first aid, and basic nutritional needs.

Companion Synergy is bonded and insured through Mourer-Foster.

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